Network Security

A safe and secure network is essential to the health and longevity of all businesses. Cyber intruders employ many different tactics in order to breach your organisation's security. These intrusions can cause serious damage to your network, including data loss and network downtime. Computer-eyez is committed to providing proactive network security solutions that will protect your business from even the most persistent intruders.

Our IT Security Services Include:

Firewalls - we work with industry leaders like Dell and Sonicwall to equip your business with some of the best firewall technology available. This firewall is specifically designed to offer customisable protection, as well as massively scale to extend state-of-the-art security to growing enterprises and networks.

VPN – Virtual Private Network - extend your business environment without jeopardizing your organisation’s integrity by utilizing VPN technology. VPN technology protects those who access your network regardless of where they may be accessing it from.
SSL Certificates - Simply put, an SSL certificate is installed on a server generally to bind together your server name, domain name or hostname and encrypt the services between the user and the server. SSL certificates prove your organisation’s identity on the web and earn the trust of users who visit it. This will add credibility to your website and improve its prevalence in Google searches.

Managed Anti-Virus - The goal of Anti-Virus is to minimise the risk of infection and ultimately increase the uptime of your computers and network. This is done by using thr best in class AV software, monitoring the AV software on your network with our monitoring tools and utilising the vast experience of the helpdesk team. Therefore, you will always be protected against the most dangerous viruses, worms, trojan horses and other malware that can damage your business.

Web Content Filter - Web content filtering is a critical component of security to enforce protection and productivity policies. With so much unproductive or even illegal content out there, you can’t really afford not to put protection in place. Our web filtering ensures that employees are only accessing safe, secure websites that don’t pose a threat to your organisation.

Email & Spam Protection - everyday threats can make their way into the inbox of your employees. These threats are generally taken form as a hidden virus, or a “phishing” attempt to steal passwords or sensitive data. We make sure that never happens with our intelligent Email & Spam Protection.