Managed Printers

Help lower costs on your pesky printers

Did you know that companies tend to underestimate total print costs by as much as 40%?

Managed print services is simply a service we offer to manage all functionality of your printers. We can help you assess your print needs and help with the replacement and service of hardware
Benefits of managed print services:

  • Cost Savings: Reduce costs by cutting out the middle man on suppliers such as toner and paper. Know exactly how much you will pay with a fixed price per print.
  • Support: Enjoy our full service support. Rest assured if any problems does occur with your printer, we will get them fixed.
  • Proactive Solutions: With our technology we automatically know when your supplies are running low. We proactively send a technician out to replenish stock, that way you are never left with a printer or copier that doesn’t work.

Let us show you how you can save money and improve efficiency with managed print services.